Top 10 things you must read about VMFS and Virtual Disks

Eric Siebert (Profile)
Thursday, January 22nd 2009

VMFS is VMware’s unique high performance file system that enables multiple hosts to read and write to the same locations concurrently. It is optimized for virtual machine I/O, uses adaptive disk block sizing and uses a unique disk file locking method to ensure that the same virtual machine is not powered on by multiple hosts at one time. When it comes to virtual machine disk files you have two options; traditional virtual disks on VMFS volumes or Raw Device Mapping to enable a virtual machine to access a SAN LUN directly for its disk file. There are many things you need to now about VMFS & RDMs including how to configure, align, size & re-size, troubleshoot and also when to choose between using VMFS or RDMs. This list consists of white papers, articles and a VMworld presentation that will help you better understand VMFS, RDMs & virtual disks.