Confessions of a Virtualization-aholic - #3 - Page 3

Aaron Sweemer (Profile)
Wednesday, December 23rd 2009

“SpringSource brings with it, among other things, a number of Java frameworks, bringing VMware up to the upper end of the Operating System. But more importantly, unlike the traditional Java framework, J2EE, the SpringSource frameworks were purposefully built to enhance developer productivity while maintaining technical flexibility. So, not only does VMware get to move up the stack, but they do it offering a solution that doesn’t force a choice between productivity and flexibility. It also doesn’t force a choice between external cloud over internal cloud when deploying applications. Developers can simply take their code and publish it externally, or within the walls of their enterprise, all without the need to recompile or port their code.”

Susan begins to respond with her own wisdom and unique perspective on SpringSource. It’s amazing to watch, like Gandhi or Jesus, the growing crowd hangs on every word. How does she...

Megan Fox! I KNOW I just saw her walking past the outside window of the bar. On a dime, I spin and shove my way through the crowd to the front door. I run into the street, then into the alley around the corner, then to the alley across the street. Where could she have disappeared to so quickly? Oh, well. Back to the bar. Which reminds me...did I just ditch Susan mid-conversation? Crap. Back to the hotel.