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Jack Fegreus (Profile)
Thursday, January 14th 2010

There is also a growing volume of stable reference data outside of the purview of government regulations that can benefit from the archiving capabilities of InfiniVault. This static data is typically needed by multiple users and needs to be protected; however, because the data is static, there is no need to have a fine timeline of backup images. While including this data in a full weekly backup provides excessive protection, there is no there is no real penalty to pay when backing up data strictly to tape.

With the introduction of a D2D backup scheme, with or without data deduplication, backing up this data becomes highly inefficient. In this situation the line between data the needs to be archived and data that needs to be backed up becomes clear and distinct. At this point IT needs to take this new class of archival data out of the normal backup rotation and move it to a highly cost efficient storage alternative, such as the InfiniVault, in order to meet internal SLA requirements for backup processing efficiency.

ProStor InfiniVault - Scenario Layout


UNDER EXAMINATION: Data Archiving Appliance


ProStor InfiniVault 30


Dell 1900 PowerEdge Server

  • Quad-core Xeon CPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • Windows Server 2008 Server
  • CommVault Simpana 8
  • VMware Consolidated Backup

Dell 1900 PowerEdge Server

  • Quad-core Xeon CPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • VMware ESX Server
    • (8) VM application servers
      • Windows Server 2003
      • SQL Server
      • ISS
    • (1) VM application server
      • Windows Server 2003
      • BridgeHead FileStore Data Migrator for InfiniVault

Xiotech Emprise 5000 System

  • (2) 4Gbps FC ports
  • (2) Managed Resource Controllers
  • MPIO support for Windows and VMware
  • (2) DataPacs


  • InfiniVault console management software follows a practical data management paradigm for regulatory compliance and archiving stable data to improve backup performance without having to introduce a complex Lifecycle Management (ILM) paradigm.
  • InfiniVault allows multiple storage vaults to be charaterized by business rules that define data retention, data immutability through hardware enforced WORM, encryption of removeable media, and secure deletion of media when retention time expires.
  • InfiniVault management software integrates with third-party agents to allow IT organizations to deploy Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) constructs using third-party software, such as BridgeHead’s FileStore Data Migrator for InfiniVault or CommVault’s Simpana iDA Archiver.
  • Indexing of archived files stored on disk-based removable media speeds file retrieval.
  • InfiniVault supports full audit trail reporting for all archived files.
  • I/O throughput when copying data to a vault averaged 64GB per hour.