Q&A with Pat O'Day of BlueLock

Pat O'Day (Profile)
Monday, March 28th 2011

VSM: First off, can you give us a brief overview of BlueLock and where it fits into the cloud computing ecosystem?

PO: BlueLock is an award-winning provider of cloud hosting solutions for the enterprise. Hosted in the public cloud, BlueLock Virtual Datacenters help companies get started quickly and deal with the unknown, while delivering the freedom to change their minds as IT needs evolve. By leveraging VMware technology, BlueLock is able to provide certified VMware vCloud Datacenter services to the enterprise that are fully compatible with their existing VMware investments, enabling a hybrid cloud strategy. This approach provides a common management and security model that enables complete workload portability between internal data centers and the BlueLock Virtual Datacenters.

VSM: Who are your target clients?

PO: BlueLock best serves enterprise IT and independent software vendors (ISVs). Enterprise IT is being challenged to provide better service to their business units by leveraging cloud computing. Today, business units are bypassing central IT to access the cloud on their own, and organizations are encountering unintended consequences of compromising compliance, security and an organizational lack of visibility to these workloads. Furthermore, these workloads are not easily migrated back to the data center due to incompatible technology. BlueLock Virtual Datacenters give administrators the ability to more quickly provide compatible cloud resources to their business units so IT is able to regain control and visibility of their IT workloads.

Also, ISVs are increasingly turning to BlueLock for enterprise-class cloud hosting needed to deliver their solutions because we are one of the few service providers to have replicated the entire VMware vCloud stack, giving them comfort in knowing when they write something to the BlueLock cloud it can be moved to other VMware-based environments. CA Technologies’ recent selection of our VMware vCloud Datacenter Services illustrates this point, as they integrated CA Process Automation and the VMware vCloud API, enabling process automation and orchestration for providing and consuming virtual resources in the cloud.

VSM: As I am sure you are aware, many large and midsize enterprises are a little hesitant when it comes to the cloud because of security concerns. Why should they not be too concerned?

PO: Best practices in Cloud security today are governed by groups like the Cloud Security Alliance. CSA provides security guidance for three “Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing”: Cloud Architecture, Governing in the Cloud and Operating in the Cloud. Within these three main sections, there are 13 domains of guidance, which cover the concerns an enterprise might encounter. As a member of the CSA, BlueLock has agreed to support these 13 security domains. These domains provide guidance for both the cloud provider and the cloud consumer on how to best secure their cloud investments. In some cases these requirements may exceed what a company can provide on their own which would make the cloud a more secure option that hosting it themselves. The key is to make sure that your cloud provider meets or exceeds your existing security requirements.