Q&A with Dr. Allon Cohen of SANRAD - Page 3

Dr. Allon Cohen (Profile)
Tuesday, November 29th 2011

VSM: In addition to storage access, how do your technologies apply to disaster recovery?

AC: By combining storage virtualization and FLASH acceleration, SANRAD caching architecture enables resiliency to failures for host servers, storage arrays and SSD modules. SANRAD’s clustering technology integrates with hypervisor clusters (e.g. VMware HA) enabling end-to-end high availability of the virtual datacenter.

Furthermore, the combination of virtualization and acceleration enables doubling the efficiency of Flash utilization. For example, a very large overlap exists between the “hottest” data that should be saved for caching and the latest changes data that should be saved for WAN replication. By sharing the stored data for the dual purposes of both volume replication (protection) and volume acceleration (performance), it almost doubles the utilization of FLASH resources without significantly affecting performance.

FLASH storage has no mechanical heads to move. It therefore has a great advantage when collecting random reads from multiple locations on the data set. Reading from location A has no impact on the speed to read from location B. And both reads will be much faster than the reads from an HDD.

When using FLASH as the data storage medium for both volume acceleration and volume replication, there will be no performance hit. On the contrary, there is a simultaneous gain in both volume acceleration and volume protection. In effect not only is the FLASH utilization doubled, but the user receive integrated data protection for their accelerated volumes.

VSM: What is some of the early feedback you've gotten on your approach?

AC: Our customers, channel and key market analysts have embraced our approach. Cost versus efficiency has traditionally been the significant issue with FLASH, but our technology eliminates that argument, maximizing the efficiency of investments in FLASH.

VSM: What is your business model with regard to partnerships?

AC: We are distributing our technology through VARs and storage integrators. We also work with companies on an OEM basis, allowing them to offer their existing client base a superior technology that will continually evolve to meet their customers’ needs.

VSM: Any other thoughts/ideas/features you'd like to point out?

AC: SANRAD transforms storage access in virtualized environments with FLASH. Its technology allows data centers to fully leverage FLASH investments, extending the lifespan of their FLASH and using it to the maximum efficiency. Virtualized data centers gain the benefits of FLASH performance while retaining the key benefits of server virtualization: vMotion, high availability, and disaster recovery.