2012 Prediction: InterCall

Bob Wise (Profile)
Wednesday, January 11th 2012

Growth of Cloud-based Communications Services

Like 2011, next year will be a year of continued awareness and adoption at the enterprise level for cloud-based services, and this includes the migration of communications services.

The enterprise is coming along as the case builds that cloud-based unified communications (UC) can address an organization’s communication challenges and holds up to the test. With brands like Microsoft and Cisco starting to introduce products for this market, it’s a clear sign that the shift is coming. That’s why experience and expertise in this area is such a large advantage for organizations that have provided these services for years.

The market drivers for adoption of cloud-based UC in 2012 are numerous. Job reductions are on the decline, and the focus is now shifting from saving money to increasing productivity.

The world is also getting smaller. Clients are expanding geographically, and there is strong demand for global reach.

The thought of cloud services as a “future technology” is gone. Applications are moving to the cloud, and organizations want them there – including their UC solution. Some other key drivers for organizations making the move to UC in 2012 include:

  • Replacement of aging/outdated PBX infrastructure
  • Continued evolution of mobile technology and lifestyle
  • Shift from single-use communications appliances
  • Need for companies to focus on their core business and to find “fast-to-benefit” solutions
  • Tightening integration with a wide variety of business results

While the market is ripe for cloud-based UC solutions, the integration is not without its challenges. The challenges don’t lie so much within the technology, but rather understanding the complexity of managing the shift from their traditional platform. That being the case, service providers that have the ability to migrate the client and integrate both new and existing technology together, so that the customer can enjoy the benefits of IP communications in a hosted platform, will have a strong advantage over their competitors in the year ahead.

Business leaders making the decision to move toward cloud-based UC also consider security a significant challenge, but that is not the case.

Any quality service provider in the UC space provides the same level of security measures for cloud-based solutions as there are for on-premise solutions. Service providers have to remain compliant with the same number of industry certifications as there are for on-premise alternatives. Additionally, any organization that is on its own, private Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, brings high security strength to their platform.