2012 Prediction: DISCUS Software - Page 2

Dan Sokol (Profile)
Tuesday, January 31st 2012

Increasing Reliance on the Technical Data Package

Not only will the cloud-based mentality push advances in the three metrics of manufacturing (cost, quality and schedule), a trend we’re also seeing among customers of DISCUS is an increasing reliance on semantic representations of data found in documents, such as 3D CAD models and PDFs. Users are grasping the potential of putting requirements in a structure and making a move toward the technical data package. Up to this point, having CAD functionality on a desktop has been standard. But in the next year, we’ll see a continual push to move the functionality toward the web. While some tools such as Autodesk are already feeling their way in this direction, the market has not yet matured and leaves plenty of room for pioneering mobile and cloud-based applications to emerge in the virtual world.