The Real Meaning of BTM (Business Transaction Management) - Page 2

Andreas Grabner (Profile)
Monday, February 6th 2012

Challenge 3: Understand Your Users Means: All Users, All Actions, All the Time

Knowing that a certain transaction of a user failed including all contextual information is great. In modern applications users have many ways to reach a certain point in the application, e.g.: checking out. So the questions are: How did the user get to this point? What were the actions prior to the problem? Is one of the previous actions responsible for the problem we see?

In order to answer these questions we need access to all transactions of every single user. This allows us to understand:

  1. how our users interact with the system;
  2. how users reach our site (identify Landing Pages);
  3. where users drop off the site (important for bounce rate and bounce page evaluation); and
  4. which paths tend to lead to errors.

It also supports a critical use case in Business Transaction Management which is User Complaint Resolution, e.g.: when user “Maria” calls the support line we can look up all her transactions, follow her steps and identify where things went wrong:

Knowing every action of every user allows us to better understand our users, follow their click path and speed up individual problem resolutions.


BTM can be complex, but in assessing your situation, its critical to keep in mind the following:

  • It's more than just URLs we need to analyze as modern web applications are more complex.
  • We live in a distributed transactional world where business context data can come from every involved tier.
  • We need to focus on every user and every action to understand what’s really happening on a site, and where issues may need to be proactively addressed in order to deliver a consistently exceptional experience.

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