Q&A with Peder Ulander of Citrix

Peder Ulander (Profile)
Tuesday, April 3rd 2012

VSM: What is Citrix announcing today?

PU: Citrix just announced that the company’s popular CloudStack solution will become the first cloud platform in the industry to join the market-leading Apache Software Foundation. This supports our mission to deliver a powerful, proven, hypervisor-agnostic platform that helps our customers, regardless of their size, build true Amazon-style clouds. As part of that, Citrix will deliver a commercially supported release of the new Apache CloudStack distribution as the centerpiece of our cloud infrastructure product portfolio.

VSM: Why has Citrix decided to join the Open Source Apache Software Foundation?

PU: Although there are many variations of open source, the Apache Foundation is the most widely trusted name in the industry, and home of the world’s most successful open source projects. We wanted to be a part of an organization where open source standards are born. The new Apache CloudStack project will make it easier for customers to deliver cloud services on a platform that is powerful, flexible and “Proven Amazon Compatible.” Not to mention CloudStack brings to Apache more than 30,000 community members, thousands of certified apps, and hundreds of production clouds, collectively generating more than $1 billion in cloud revenue from some of the biggest brands in the industry.

VSM: How do Citrix and CloudStack differentiate from its competitors?

PU: While enterprise vendors like VMware attempt to add cloud-like management layers to their existing proprietary datacenter virtualization products, we believe the biggest winners in the Cloud Era will be clouds built on a platform that is based on four key guiding principles:

  1. Designed from the ground up with a true Amazon-style architecture
  2. Proven at scale in real production clouds
  3. Compatible with the Amazon cloud
  4. Full commitment to openness and open source

CloudStack has gained significant momentum over the past year and is the only cloud platform on the market that meets the first three requirements – nothing else comes close. Elevating CloudStack to a full open source Apache project adds this final dimension and positions CloudStack to become the de-facto industry standard platform for cloud computing.

VSM: How does the process work for becoming an Apache Project?

PU: First of all, CloudStack 3 will be released today, April 3, under Apache Software License 2.0. This is the first step in becoming an official project within the Apache Foundation. Over the next week, we have put together a proposal for how we view the cloud market, the opportunity for the community and the high level vision for the project. We will then submit this to the broad Apache foundation for acceptance into the Apache Incubator program. At that point, we will begin to transition CloudStack.org and our 30,000 member community into the “Apache Incubator” program, where all Apache projects start. This phase will likely last for several months and then CloudStack will be converted into a “Top Level Project” by the Apache community.