Bethlehem Area School District increases energy savings by “lowering energy peaks” with technology from Tangent Energy Solutions

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Monday, April 30th 2012

Technology will save BASD approx. $326,800 over three years


Tangent Energy Solutions today announced a deal with Bethlehem Area School District (BASD) to provide a technology/service platform that will cut approximately $326,800 from the district’s energy bill over the next three years.

The new technology will actively manage the district’s energy use to avoid pricing premiums and capitalize on economic opportunities tied to changing conditions on the energy grid. The platform works together with the 1.6MW solar energy system installed at five district schools last year, also from Tangent.

As the energy industry increasingly relies on customers to help relieve grid stress and congestion, savvy customers like BASD are finding increased opportunities to lower their energy bills. The combination of clean, on-site generation with active management technology moves the district to the cutting edge of energy cost control strategies.

“In addition to reaping direct energy savings from the five solar energy systems, we will now begin leveraging Tangent’s expertise to increase our savings by actively managing our electricity demand,” said Mark Stein, PE Director of Facilities and Operations at BASD. “With school budgets coming under fire during these economic times, the ability to have increased control over our energy costs is essential.”

D’Huy Engineering, which prepared and manages the BASD master energy plan, represented the district in the project.

“Because energy markets are so complex, most customers manage costs by just focusing on what’s happening inside their facility,” said Dean Musser, President and CEO of Tangent Energy Solutions. “Bethlehem is among a growing number of empowered customers that realize the rewards of combining facility management with electric grid management.”

Like the solar assets, the active management technology is provided at zero cost to the school.

About Tangent Energy Solutions

Tangent Energy Solutions ( reverses the traditional utility driven approach to developing the smart grid by partnering with commercial and industrial customers to optimize the “grid behind the meter.” By providing clean energy assets and technologies at no capital cost, Tangent saves C&I energy customers 10% to 20% while increasing the amount of renewable content in their supply. Tangent actively manages on-site assets to decrease a customer’s reliance on grid sourced energy, especially during peak demand periods. As a result both the end-customer and the utilities benefit. Tangent is a venture-backed company founded in 2009 by a management team that has been providing commercially successful energy innovations to mainstream C&I customers for 30 years.


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