Transcend Announces TopStack Web Edition for Eucalyptus

Tuesday, June 12th 2012

Austin, TX, June 12, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Transcend Computing, an innovator in Amazon Compatible Environments (ACE) for public, private and hybrid cloud computing, today announced a partnership with Eucalyptus, creator of the most widely deployed on-premise cloud computing platform. As part of the agreement, Transcend TopStack Web Edition for Eucalyptus, a set of platform services that emulate the Amazon PaaS, is now available for the Eucalyptus on-premise Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution. Eucalyptus provides AWS-compatible services at the IaaS layer, while TopStack provides complementary AWS-compatible services at the PaaS layer. As part of this arrangement, Transcend will offer a pre-integrated software platform that bundles the two solutions and will act as a reseller of the new solution.

Jeff Schneider, Transcend Computing's CEO commented, "Eucalyptus has done a great job of building out an AWS-compatible IaaS platform for on-premise IaaS clouds. Our TopStack PaaS offering is a natural fit for enterprise customers who want to avoid cloud lock-in for their applications."

Marten Mickos, CEO for Eucalyptus said, "Today, the customer wins. TopStack with Eucalyptus reduces the risk and cost to deliver a comprehensive AWS-compatible application platform for enterprises."

TopStack Web Edition provides a set of as-a-service offerings that are interoperable with Amazon Web Services (AWS) PaaS and can be deployed in a customer's data center. This interoperability enables organizations to more easily migrate applications between private and public clouds. The offering includes:

  • TopStack Container Service - enables auto-scaling and recovery of Java/PHP applications and is compatible with Amazon's Elastic Beanstalk
  • TopStack Caching Service - provides an in-memory caching array to increase performance and is compatible with Amazon's ElastiCache
  • TopStack Relational Data Service - offers self-service provisioning of databases and is compatible with Amazon's Relational Database Services
  • TopStack Load Balancer - distributes incoming application traffic across servers and is compatible with Amazon's Elastic Load Balancer

Eucalyptus delivers an enterprise-grade, open source IaaS software platform for businesses that require feature-rich and highly available private and hybrid clouds. It uses existing heterogeneous infrastructure to create a scalable, secure web services layer that abstracts compute, network and storage to create IaaS cloud services. Eucalyptus web services are uniquely designed for hybrid clouds and are compatible with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) API. The benefits are highly efficient scalability, increased trust and control for IT as a Service.

Available today, TopStack Web Edition is available in both enterprise and service provider licensing models.

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