Reverse Email Lookup Helps the Public Find Personal and Unknown Email Addresses

Wednesday, July 25th 2012

Reverse email lookup company is now helping the public find personal and unknown email addresses. This new email tracing service is now being used by average people and business owners that want to find a lost friend, relative or when performing a background check.

New York, New York (PRWEB) July 25, 2012

Reverse email lookup is a new technology that has now become popular in the information age. Email addresses are used to create online billing accounts, submit job applications and create social media profiles. There are over one billion email records in the company database of data management company Inflection. This data company has created the first global reverse email lookup solution online. The general public can now find the email address of any person using a first, last or middle name using the sophisticated reverse email lookup interface. Both free and premium lookup services are available and there is no limit on the amount of searches that someone can do to find anyone anywhere in the world.

A social media web presence is something that some people and have some do not. The public nature of creating a social media profile brings with it a certain level of caution for Internet users. The growing numbers of people using social media to search for high school friends, relatives and old co-workers is one reason that data management companies have entered the public picture. “What our system does is allow anyone to search for another person by name, number, location or partial email address online,” said Keith Jennings, Sr. Data Manager for Inflection, LLC. “We received a 30 million dollar grant in 2010 that has helped us to build and maintain a database of over 1 billion email addresses,” added Jennings.

It was tradition in the past to use a telephone directory to search for the address of a person with a listed telephone number. The rise in the number of mobile phone users has created a decrease in the number of landline phone data that is available. Mobile phone numbers are not public information and most are blocked from Caller ID lists. A person or company that is searching for contact information can use the online email lookup service to find it. Most cell phone companies require an email address to send detailed billing and system updates. Performing a reverse email lookup search can provide the email address of a person as well as full contact details.

A person that has created a social media account must use a personal email address for account signup. If a person does not finish creating a page, the email address remains in the social media system. This information can be accessed by reverse email finder database. A person can do an instant search of over 30 of the top social media platforms online and find any email address in any country. The ease of use of this online database system is helping people to stay in contact with each other without the need to pay for background checks or tracing services. A free search using the Inflection email lookup service can easily be completed by going to the email lookup website.

About Reverse Email Lookup by Inflection LLC

Inflection LLC is a data management company based in Omaha, Nebraska. The growth of data collection and management has helped this 21st century company to create new methods to connect people across the globe. Using an email address as a global identifier has helped secure this data management company a 30 million dollar round of funding courtesy of Matrix Partners to further the storage and procurement of public records from around the world. The reverse email lookup service is the first venture for Inflection LLC after receiving this helpful funding in 2010.

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