Award-Winning Educational Search Tool Receives High Marks

Tuesday, August 7th 2012

97% of netTrekker Search users see positive impact on students; more than three-fourths rate as extremely valuable teaching resource

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) August 07, 2012

As classrooms of the 21st century shift from print to digital content, netTrekker Search is emerging as the most valuable tool in the modern learning environment, according to survey results of the 2012 netTrekker Search Impact Study issued today by Knovation, the leader in personalized learning solutions. Most significantly, the survey reveals that 65% of current netTrekker Search users indicate that the tool has helped better engage their students, while 97% have seen a positive impact on students overall. In addition 88% of current netTrekker Search users have recommended the tool to other educators, and more than three-fourths (77%) rate netTrekker search as an extremely valuable teaching resource. netTrekker Search, the leading educational search tool, harnesses and curates more than 330,000 of the best educational resources from the web. Using netTrekker Search, K-12 educators are empowered to create engaging, differentiated learning experiences, while students are motivated to learn independently.

“Knovation’s netTrekker Search is making a tremendous impact in the areas that are most important to schools, such as Common Core integration, addressing the individual learning needs of each student, and removing barriers to learning,” said Joe Grieshop, president of Knovation. “The outcome of this survey illustrates how netTrekker Search is closing the gap between the importance of these objectives and how satisfied educators are in achieving them.”

The survey results are based on the responses from 400 educators across the U.S. who have used netTrekker Search. Other noteworthy findings provide more insight into how the effective use of digital resources is impacting students and educators:

Broad spectrum of uses
The survey results reveal varying uses of netTrekker Search, with nearly six out of 10 educators using netTrekker Search for four primary purposes including: for students to learn on their own (60%); to introduce variety into their regular lessons through visuals, videos and learning games (59%); to provide activities for enrichment (58%); or to prepare class units or lessons (58%). Half of educators (50%) use netTrekker Search to teach common topics in a different way, while 40% are using netTrekker Search to support Common Core curriculum. To a lesser degree, educators are using netTrekker Search as resource for project-based learning (35%), for remediation/intervention (31%) or to build digital curriculum (27%). One-fourth use the tool for supporting English language learners (25%).

Impact on students
Ninety-seven percent (97%) of educators indicate that netTrekker Search has had a positive impact on their students. This impact has manifested in a number of ways with a high 65% of netTrekker Search users indicating that it has helped to engage students. Other noted effects on students included helping learn the material in a different way (60%); helping them enjoy learning (52%); staying on task (46%); exploring their personal learning interests (40%); completing their homework (36%); feeling better about themselves and their ability to learn (26%); achieving higher grades (24%); applying learning to their own lives (24%); catching up to other students (15%); preparing for their future (college or career) (15%); and studying for tests (12%).

Digital content: user priorities and teaching characteristics
Nine out of 10 educators using netTrekker Search want to increase their skills in bringing digital content to their classes (92%). In doing so, the vast majority (92%) look to digital content to provide a new approach to address needs of different types of students, while 90% use digital content as a better way to assess student progress. Characterized by common traits, the majority of netTrekker Search users are comfortable incorporating digital content into their teaching practice (88%), consider themselves technologically savvy (86%), and are extremely creative in finding ways to help their students enjoy learning (82%). Three-fourths (75%) of netTrekker Search users routinely share their lesson plans with other teachers. In terms of obstacles, 62% need to understand the benefits before trying new technologies in the classroom, and 60% struggle with enough time to do lesson and unit planning.