Zoho Selects Record-Breaking Analytic Database Vectorwise for Online Reporting and Analytics for 200,000 Customers

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Tuesday, August 14th 2012

Software-as-a-service Provider Chooses Breakthrough Analytic Database for Faster Performance and Better Manageability in Zoho Reports


Actian Corporation today announced that Vectorwise, the company’s record-breaking analytic database, has been selected by Zoho to power the company’s Zoho Reports online reporting and business intelligence (BI) service. Zoho offers a comprehensive suite of award-winning online business, productivity and collaboration applications for more than six million customers. Vectorwise will serve as the power behind Zoho’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) reporting capabilities and will be made available to the more than 200,000 Zoho Reports users, as well as through the company’s Zoho Premium Reports service. The new database architecture will allow Zoho’s larger customers direct access to high performance reporting and BI services, enabling more execution on business opportunities in real time.

“We extensively tested and evaluated all options to bring high-performance analytics and BI reporting to our customers,” said Clarence Rozario, senior product manager at Zoho. “Experiences with our past relational databases often had major limitations to help us meet our customers’ big data needs. The fast performance and manageability of Vectorwise offered us the only solution that combined the exceptional performance we required with the affordability our customers demanded.”

With Zoho Reports, users are able to upload data from any source, easily build insightful reports and dashboards, and share projects with colleagues online. When building the service, Zoho examined all options for facilitating the quick, easy implementation of BI as a service. When existing traditional relational databases lacked the capability to provide the desired query performance, the company was forced to undertake an evaluation process of analytical databases that offered ease-of-use, coupled with the affordability to manage big data. Zoho selected Vectorwise after an extensive search and comparison of reporting databases.

Vectorwise is one of the most significant database technology innovations of the last twenty years and meets broad business demands to analyze the exploding volumes of big data. Since its inception in June 2010, Vectorwise has made tremendous progress in helping businesses to gain new insights and drive operational efficiencies. Vectorwise has established industry bests in speed and affordability and surpassed performance increases in commercial deployments of 70x that of existing databases by achieving record-breaking performance for the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s TPC-H benchmark, the industry standard benchmark for decision support workloads.

“Vectorwise helps data driven businesses and online service providers deliver the best online customer experiences,” said Fred Gallagher, general manager of Actian. “We work with companies across the business spectrum to bring more profitability, productivity and support to their customers.”

For more information on Vectorwise, please visit www.actian.com/products/vectorwise

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