Single $25 Raspberry Pi Hosts 25,000 Accessible Computers

Friday, August 17th 2012

SimpleHelp’s remote support software running on a single Raspberry Pi computer provides remote access to more than 25,000 computers.

(PRWEB) August 17, 2012

In recent tests, SimpleHelp’s remote support software running on one $25 Raspberry Pi was able to host access to more than 25,000 remote computers.

The recent release of the Raspberry Pi ARM based credit-card sized computer in February 2012 quickly led to huge demand that far outstripped supply. The low cost of the device coupled with its ability to run a full graphical Linux installation captured the imagination of thousands around the world. RS Components, one of two primary suppliers, reportedly took over 100,000 pre orders on the first day.

Early demand was so great that for many months Raspberry Pi’s had to be rationed to just one per customer. Varied stories of their use began to emerge almost immediately with owners lucky enough to secure one using them for such diverse projects as glasses which translate speech in realtime, an autonomous solar powered boat to explore the Atlantic, being attached to a balloon to take the highest ever photos from an amateur device (40km up) and building a 1940’s replica TV.

SimpleHelp Ltd, recently having had their own Raspberry Pi delivered, decided to install their self-hosted remote support server to see if the device might even be used as a low cost platform for IT support startups to provide remote support. The server operates in a way similar to a normal web server accessed via a browser but allows technicians to connect to other computers to provide on-demand support, access unattended computers for maintenance or work, and host multi platform screencast demos.

Upon testing, not only did the Raspberry Pi perform admirably but when simulating a large number of accessible computers sharing themselves via the server it was able to support 25,000 remotely accessible computers while at the same time comfortably handling a remote access session smoothly enough to remotely play a Google Olympics game.

SimpleHelp Ltd are a UK based company offering self hosted remote support software, more information about their tests on the Raspberry Pi along with a video can be found on their remote support blog.

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