Q&A with Trent Punnett of Teradici

Trent Punnett (Profile)
Tuesday, September 11th 2012

VSM: Tell us about Teradici’s recent announcement of its RDSH solution.

TP: The Teradici RDSH solution is delivering a groundbreaking extension of the PCoIP eco-system to Desktop Terminal Services users on Microsoft Windows Server environments. Essentially we are providing PCoIP protocol support for Microsoft RDSH desktops brokered by VMware View Manager.

VSM: What do you see as the key performance features of this solution?

TP: This solution provides a session-based desktop solution with the look and feel of Windows 7. Expanding PCoIP protocol to Windows Server clients will provide access to host rendered pixel encoding that is 100% server processed, with simple clients facilitating OS, client and network independency. The Teradici RDSH solution provides new users host rendering capabilities for maximum bandwidth and image quality. It also provides adaptive networking, which dynamically adjusts image quality to RDSH customers ensuring optimized user experience.

VSM: What are the key benefits of PCoIP technology?

TP: The PCoIP protocol compresses, encrypts and encodes the entire computing experience at the data center, allowing data to never leave the data center. PCoIP technology provides remote users with an exceptional user experience on any platform.

VSM: How easily does Teradici’s RDSH solution integrate with other products?

TP: With this release, we are now seamlessly delivering PCoIP capabilities to Desktop Terminal Services on Microsoft Windows Server. The integration of Teradici’s RDSH expands the reach of the PCoIP protocol and its eco-system, while also maintaining the same effortless configuration that has been provided to current customers. Based on Microsoft Windows Server, it supports both Windows Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012.

VSM: Let’s talk about the use and manageability of the solution.

TP: Leveraging the PCoIP eco-system and protocol, this solution is compatible with PCoIP zero clients, as well as all Teradici APEX products. The Teradici RDSH PCoIP solution will be distributed to end customers through our distribution channels, which will ensure successful system deployments. Once implemented, end point management is made effortless by providing the same end point for both solutions. PCoIP consolidates the networks efforts, which results in a unified, low maintenance, and simplified network for RDSH users.

VSM: When will Teradici's RDSH solution be available?

TP: The RDSH solution will be generally available in December 2012, and we will have a beta version available in October of 2012. For those interested in participating in the beta, please go to www.teradici.com/rdsh.