CloudBees Announces Major Platform Extensions for Simple Provisioning and Customization

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Monday, October 1st 2012

ClickStarts and ClickStacks Enable Simple One-Click Application, Framework and Runtime Composition


CloudBees, Inc., the Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) innovation leader, today announced the availability of new one-click services to customize the platform and to streamline end-to-end application deployments across user-defined runtimes. These new services are the result of additional major investment in the CloudBees Platform to drive greater participation and deeper engagement with developers, communities, partners and enterprises.

CloudBees Announces Major Platform Extensions for Simple Provisioning and Customization (Photo: Busi ...

CloudBees Announces Major Platform Extensions for Simple Provisioning and Customization (Photo: Business Wire)

The new services being introduced are called ClickStarts™ and ClickStacks™. ClickStarts reduce to a single click everything you need to create and deploy a running application that builds from source, is set up with continuous integration and deployment, and connects to other hosted services. ClickStacks let you customize CloudBees runtimes and compose new runtimes on which applications run. You can create your own ClickStarts and ClickStacks, or use and modify those provided by CloudBees to instantly get up and running with a working application that uses languages and frameworks, such as:

  • Scala
  • Clojure
  • Play 2
  • Lift
  • Backbone.js
  • Spring
  • Sencha Touch
  • Hibernate
  • JAX-RS
  • Grails

The powerful combination of ClickStarts and ClickStacks means that popular customizable applications such as LifeRay are also instantly available with a single click, providing new value to developers, communities, independent software vendors and systems integrators through the fully managed CloudBees PaaS.

The CloudBees Platform enhancements announced today are driven by the recognition that today’s cloud application platforms must adapt quickly to a host of new requirements resulting from increasing sophistication in cloud applications and cloud application development. Traditional platforms, like Java EE, have not kept pace with the new dynamic execution environments of the cloud, as well as the expectations of developers who need to create new value by leveraging hosted services. A modern cloud platform must add value and convenience in a world where backend application services and APIs are exploding. This is especially important in mobile applications, where enterprises want control over access to private data and developers want to easily integrate with services and existing assets.

“The aPaaS market is new. All offerings on the market will undergo architectural changes during the next three years, with potential resulting discontinuities in programming frameworks and platform characteristics,” said Yefim Natis, vice president and distinguished analyst, Gartner Research. “Traditional platforms will need to change to deliver the cloud requirements of elastic scalability, multi-tenancy, continuous versioning and global 24/7 access to services. Choose an aPaaS with these capabilities in mind to aim for both immediate benefits and long term viability in your chosen cloud platform.”


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