New V2 Cigs Coupon Just Released on Website is Rocking the World of the Best Electronic Cigarettes

Saturday, November 10th 2012

When it comes to shopping for electronic cigarettes, consumers don’t know where to turn. There is a world of fake reviews and enticing coupons out there that can throw even the wariest consumer off balance. But there is a website out there that has been providing the utmost consumer protection and helping them find the best deals and reviews. It’s called V2 Cigs Coupon, and it’s a source dedicated to helping e-cigarette users find the best deals on the best brand in the world. Those who are at all interested in electronic cigarettes should go check them out now:

(PRWEB) November 10, 2012

V2 Cigs Coupon opened its website back in the beginning of 2012. They were a small group of guys who enjoyed to smoke V2 Cigs and wanted to share their passion and coupons with the world. Since then, it has morphed into the ultimate consumer destination for V2 Cigs shoppers.

V2 Cigs Coupon has the largest coupons for the brand that are available online. They often do promotions, like offering extra discount coupons when stars like Robert Pattinson are seen publicly using an electronic cigarette. They also often run promotions that promise to give consumers a chance to win great V2 Cigs prizes in addition to the coupons.

There may be those who are saying to themselves, “Well what in the world is a V2 Cigs anyway?” Well, to those people, V2 Cigs is actually the top electronic cigarette brand in the world. They sell more products and have better collective reviews than virtually any other model or brand of electronic cigarette. They’ve sold e-cigs to over a million different e-smokers and they are ranked as the number one electronic cigarette website on the Internet by They are legendary as far as electronic cigarette domination is concerned.

“V2 Cigs is the measurement by which all electronic cigarette brands measure themselves. If a brand can get to even half as big, solid and quality as V2 Cigs is, they will be wildly successful. That’s just how good V2 really is. I started smoking other brands like Green Smoke and White Cloud, but from the very first puff of my V2 e-cigarette, I knew I was going to be V2 for life. And since then I’ve started V2 Cigs Coupon and really come to spread the word about electronic cigarettes and this phenomenal brand,” said Tyler Bullock, head writer and coupon collector over at V2 Cigs Coupon.

V2 Cigs Coupon currently has two active coupons that potential V2 smokers can use. They have an incredible 15% off coupon for all starter kits. Starter kits are bundles of batteries, flavor cartridges, accessories and chargers that are great to get started with. For those who have already started with V2 Cigs, there is a 10% off discount code for refill cartridges, batteries, accessories, and everything else in the store. This is a heavy pair of coupons that has already save V2 Cigs customers hundreds of thousands of dollars on their supplies.

To access the coupons and read their fabled V2 Cigs review, head over to their website and check them out:

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