Hello, Modern Business Plan: Enloop Increases Business Planning Success With Smart Data Documents

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Wednesday, November 28th 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The modernization of the venerable but antiquated business plan has finally happened. Leap-frogging old-school business planning standards, Enloop has released the next generation of its revolutionary, data-driven business planning app and is ushering in the next and far smarter generation of how entrepreneurs plan businesses.

Smart Business Plans   

Enloop has developed technology that lets users embed their real-time financial forecast data directly into their business plan text, syncing text with data. With its newly released TextSync™ technology, users are freed from the inefficiency of manually updating text to match ongoing revisions of their business plan's financial forecasts.

"Until Enloop invented this technology, business plans were 'dumb' documents that forced writers to waste time tediously revising the financial data in their text," explains Enloop's CEO and founder Cynthia McCahon. "We solved that problem by creating an ingenious way to let users embed live data directly into any text they write. As you revise your financial forecasts, your text updates in real-time. It's an enormous time-saver, allowing you to write and maintain a business plan far more efficiently."

Automating Text   

Enloop had already established itself as an innovator in the sector last year by launching its pioneering, cloud-based business plan writing app that re-imagined the business planning industry. Enloop's easy-to-navigate platform dramatically cuts the time required to develop business plans and financial forecasts. Its existing AutoWrite™ technology automatically generates customized text derived from a user's financial forecasts. They can then edit this text and add an unlimited amount of their own text, tables and images. The app also automatically generates financial forecasts.

Predicting Success   

Another radical innovation is Enloop's Performance Score™ technology, a quantitative predictive algorithm which displays a real-time business plan score on every screen of the app. The score updates in real-time as users input data, providing powerful insight into their venture's likelihood of success. The predictive score transforms the business planning app into a decision-making platform, allowing entrepreneurs the luxury of understanding—and improving—their odds of success before proceeding with a venture.

And it's...free?   

Even more revolutionary, the basic app with predictive scoring is free for anyone to use. Says McCahon, "There should be no barriers to entrepreneurs and business owners understanding their venture's risk. It's as powerful as that."

Enloop develops innovative business productivity software. For more information, contact info@enloop.com.


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