Chill Direct’s New Platform Empowers Artists to Distribute Content Directly to Fans

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Thursday, November 29th 2012

Renowned Video Discovery Portal Launches Chill Direct; Fans Can Now Directly Support & Purchase First-Release Content from Their Favorite Comedians, Musicians and Filmmakers


Chill (, the Web’s premier video discovery portal, today launched the entertainment industry’s first turnkey platform for artists to produce, own and distribute content directly to their fans, dubbed “Chill Direct.” The self-service platform is the first of its kind and makes it dead simple for artists to globally distribute premium video to all desktop, mobile and Internet connected televisions.

Chill Direct is a fully socially integrated platform that allows any filmmaker, comedian, musician, or artist to directly release premium video to the fans who love them. Building on the success of content creators who have made specials and albums directly available to audiences for personal download, Chill Direct expands on this emergent model, empowering artists to engage their fan bases and build full-scale customizable community hubs where fans and artists can interact.

Unlike releasing content through app stores, music stores, a broadcast network or film studio, Chill Direct imbues artists with creative control and flexibility over their material and allows them full ownership of Intellectual Property. Chill Direct also helps artists build powerful social communities around their work through integration with Facebook and Twitter and world-class page creation tools.

Chill Direct launches with an exclusive slate of premium content creators including:


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