Rounds Launches First-Ever Mobile Hangout Network, Combining Shared Entertainment & Video Chat into Interactive Fun

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Thursday, November 29th 2012

iOS, Android Users Can Jointly Watch YouTube, View Uploaded Photos, Play with Video Effects, Capture & Share Moments, and Scribble on Each Other’s Streams All While Video Chatting


Providing the best hangout experiences on the web since 2010, Rounds ( launched today the mobile version of their social entertainment platform – available worldwide for free – dubbed, “Rounds Video Chat Hangout.”

Simple to use and compatible with iPhone 4-4S-5 and the most popular Android devices, users can hang out and share media while video chatting with their mobile contacts and Facebook friends – including watching YouTube videos together; switching between five view modes and adding crazy video effects; uploading photos to view together; taking snapshots of their live, shared moments and scribbling over each other’s live video streams. Coming soon, users will also be able to send each other short video messages (SVM) and play HTML5-based games together.

The action isn’t only in the hangout sessions, but also the interactions around the “Shared Moments” stream – featuring snapshots from friends’ and featured users’ live sessions – which greets the Rounds community each time the app is opened, creating the first social network around hangouts. Users can follow, share, like and comment on the captured moments their friends have made together in past hangouts, find new people to engage and receive feedback on their own shared moments.

Leaders in merging entertainment and communication to bring people closer together and bridge between the offline and online worlds, the Rounds platform has over 6 million users – spending an average of 40 minutes hanging out in over 1 million sessions per day. The cross-platform phenomenon already connects users between its popular Facebook app, Chrome application and desktop version for Mac & PC. Users play over thirty different games and activities developed using the platform’s open API. The Rounds community is set to erupt again, once mobile users join the fun.

“Video chat is an indispensable part of Rounds, but it’s just the tip of the hangout network we’re building,” said Rounds CEO Dany Fishel. “The internet has enough ways to communicate essential messages with video. Rounds is about stretching the live connection into a true hangout mode – less about what’s being said, and more about being and doing things together, and recreating the feeling people have when they hang out in real life. And because real life doesn’t just happen behind a desktop, we’ve always known Rounds was destined to become mobile. Rounds Video Chat Hangout is the next step in achieving our vision as the online hangout scene for real friends.”

Initial launch features include:


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