Wavii Unveils Wavii 2.0 for iPhone

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Thursday, November 29th 2012

Revamped App Makes it Faster and More Fun to Discover and Share the World’s Stories On-the-Go


Wavii (wavii.com), a personalized service for keeping up with the world’s events, today unveiled version 2.0 of its mobile app, Wavii for iPhone. The completely revamped app creates short status updates about what’s happening, making it easy to follow any topic just as you follow your friends on Facebook, and turning the world’s stories into conversation starters with friends.

The new Wavii app for iPhone (Photo: Business Wire)

The new Wavii app for iPhone (Photo: Business Wire)

Wavii’s easy-to-use iPhone app is powered by unique big-data machine learning technology. Wavii’s engine crawls the real-time web (articles, blogs, tweets and more), figures out what’s happening, and creates instant news feeds with updates about any topic. Unlike other places people turn to for news, these updates distill all related articles into a single, unbiased feed item, so you can avoid duplicate stories and have one place to discuss events with friends. Your newsfeed on Wavii is personalized based on the topics you care about.

“We no longer have the time or patience to read every article to find out what’s happening in the world. Nobody expects to have to read paragraphs when they want the latest sports scores, stocks or weather, so why should we for everything else? Bite-sized news updates are faster to consume and let us dive into the story only when we want more information, like a new navigational layer on top of the news,” said Adrian Aoun, founder and CEO of Wavii. “What’s more, they’re easier to comment on and share with friends. With Wavii 2.0 for iPhone, we’ve listened closely to feedback to create a simple, powerful mobile experience that lets you keep up with what’s happening in the world and share with friends from wherever you are.”

Key features of Wavii’s new iPhone app include:

  • Smoother navigation, commenting and social sharing: Wavii 2.0 for iPhone not only features a new streamlined look and feel, it also includes a new social bar that lets you see what stories your friends have interacted with and enables you to easily share your thoughts too. You can also quickly share stories via email, or over to Facebook and Twitter.
  • More updates for any topic: Wavii 2.0 delivers a wider range of the world’s events as short, simple status updates in your newsfeed.
  • Quick and easy discovery of new topics to follow: Wavii 2.0 provides quick access to category feeds like “Popular,” “Tech,” and “Entertainment,” making it easier to discover new and interesting topics that you can follow to personalize your experience.
  • More ways to get started: You can now use Twitter or an email address to sign up, in addition to Facebook.

To download Wavii’s iPhone app from the iTunes App Store, please visit wavii.com/getapp.

About Wavii

Wavii is a personalized app and web site that lets you follow your interests, just like you follow your friends on Facebook. Wavii's technology reads the real-time web (e.g., articles, blogs, tweets and more), figures out what's happening in the world, and provides instant news feeds for any topic you care about. For more information, please visit www.wavii.com.


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