Executive Viewpoint 2013 Prediction: InMage Systems

Kumar Malavalli (Profile)
Thursday, December 20th 2012

Public Cloud adoption is going to increase in 2013 mainly around the low end of Mid-tier enterprises and SMB sector due to the incentive of drastic reduction in Capex. Proliferation of Server and Storage virtualization both within and outside Cloud infrastructure will also contribute to lowering of Capex and increased adoption of the Cloud Services. Still, the security concerns and lack of trust within the Cloud infrastructure are the obstacles for rapid adoption of Cloud services. Businesses don’t trust anybody and even the Cloud vendors to guarantee security of their contents. But, a breakthrough, within the industry, in the area of security, by way of giving the users “end-to-end” control and visibility of their contents, documents and files within their “circles of trust”, created by the users, is forthcoming during 2013 and will immensely encourage Public Cloud adoption. The Cloud Service Providers will still provide the infrastructure security while the security management for access and distribution control of the contents will be in the hands of the businesses and its users.

More and more Cloud vendors and Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) are presently building infrastructure comprising of Servers, Storage, Network and Bandwidth and assimilating qualified personnel to offer services to the businesses. 2013 will see the businesses coming on ramp to subscribe to these services.

RaaS (Recovery as a Service) adoption is expected to happen quicker compared to other Cloud Services as it does not have to overcome the security and availability concerns inherent in moving primary IT operations into the Cloud. I support the industry analysts’ predictions that about 30% of Mid-tier enterprises are going to adopt recovery as a service by 2014. That means, the ground is set for big changes in 2013.

We will not see the High-end enterprises adopting Public Cloud in 2013, while the low end Mid-tier enterprises and SMB segment of the industry will increasingly start adopting cloud services.  We will see more deployment of the hybrid Cloud between Private and Public Clouds. For High-end enterprises and upper strata of Mid-tier enterprises, the mission critical data/contents will remain in Private Clouds whereas the Public Clouds will be used for non-critical data. When the trust factor for the contents, more than infrastructure security, is experienced by the businesses, the rate of adoption will increase.