2013: The Year VDI Takes Off… in the Mid-Market - Executive Viewpoint 2013 Prediction: Pivot3

Olivier Thierry (Profile)
Tuesday, January 15th 2013

As a 30+ year technology industry veteran, I’ve been on the cutting edge of bringing new technologies and innovations to market. I don’t think much has been debated quite to the extent of desktop virtualization, with the conversation often focused on the annual predictions of mass adoption only to see them go unrealized. But based on my experience in a full year of VDI customer engagements at Pivot3, new market research and ongoing partner and customer conversations, I do believe that 2013 is the year VDI takes off… in the mid-market.

New Research Shows High Consideration

One key validation of the groundswell shift to VDI in the mid-market is a new global survey of IT professionals that shows a high consideration of VDI among small-to-medium-sized businesses. The study conducted by Dimensional Research reported that 80 percent of companies of 5,000 or less employees are considering VDI as part of their IT strategy. The research findings are so overwhelming that one key industry thought-leader questioned the results. Upon further discussion, we realized the research represents a larger proportion of mid-market while he is mostly engaged with large enterprises.

Partner and Customer Conversations Shifting

My conversations with customers during the past year have dramatically shifted from investigation and pilot to implementation. The ease of solutions and the lower costs as the technology has matured are convincing many customers to adopt VDI. In recent conversations with a “Tier One Partner” on 2013, we are aggressively planning joint initiatives as they are seeing the demand from their customers. I am also seeing the same momentum carry through in the channel with relationships with new resellers and partnerships building as the technology is channel-optimized and channel consumable.

End-User Demand Growing

With the growth of BYOD and mobility, we know that users are increasingly asking for computing anywhere and at anytime. One recent healthcare company moved to a large-scale adoption because it allows their doctors and nurses to sign onto any mobile device and access patient information in a secure manner. We are no longer a society that merely “sits at a desk” to be productive. We expect productivity on-the-go with a desktop that can follow me anywhere, anytime. A virtual desktop infrastructure allows IT to satisfy the accelerated mobility needs of the workforce while ensuring IT’s need for a solution that is secure and easily managed. Key vertical markets like healthcare and education with a mobile computing user base are proving to be the early adopters.

It is exciting to be on the cutting edge of technology when you feel the momentum shifts in the market and based on research and empirical evidence, 2013 will be a big year for VDI.