Executive Viewpoint 2013 Prediction: Kingston Technology

Mike Mohney (Profile)
Wednesday, January 23rd 2013

Mobile Virtualization

The sudden proliferation of employee-owned mobile devices brought into the office and the expectations placed upon IT to manage and secure them will drive up the use creative solutions such as the virtualization of mobile devices. As employees and IT struggle to define the dividing line between personal and work usage of devices, virtualization will be a solution that can instantly enable the switching of a device into either work or personal modes without requiring two or more mobile devices.


The pursuit of standardized and secure desktops for users will drive the adoption of broad-scale Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. VDI will deliver better and more flexible Client manageability, and will strongly integrate into Mobile Computing where tablets and smart phones can fill in for the traditional employee desktop or notebook. The days of employees working at their assigned workstation may be ending in favor of mobile computing, where any cubicle or conference room is good enough for productive and collaborative work. The increasing business need for Disaster Recovery options, exacerbated by super storms and other unexpected disasters, will utilize VDI to enable flexible workforce capabilities “anywhere, anytime,” on any computing device.

Cloud-based Services

The commoditization of pricing for Cloud-based computing and storage associated with improvements in Cloud-based security will drive many mid-size and larger companies to grow their use of these services. From moving entire infrastructures to the Cloud to leasing server hardware, these new options will help IT optimize its ability to deal with transient or seasonal transaction upsides without expanding expensive company data centers. The growing focus on “Software-defined Data Centers” will remove the physical walls of company data centers and transform them from local to global assets.

Business Intelligence Optimization

The continued and explosive growth of Big Data will drive IT to consider emerging technologies for faster analysis to support strategic and tactical decision making abilities that will result in near real-time responsiveness. Faster server platforms utilizing in-memory data analysis and Flash storage promise to deliver results in mere minutes or even seconds, a process that used to take days or weeks.

Flash-based Storage

The adoption of solid state storage has gone from “nice to have” to “need to have” on Client platforms. This trend will move over to the data center as Flash price points continue to decline. New Flash-based data tiering will accelerate data processing on servers and storage arrays and enable new levels of storage performance, thus relieving IT’s traditional bottlenecks caused by slower mechanical hard-disk drives.