Billionaire Alki David Sues Barry Diller's Aereo for Trademark Infringement and Massively Expands Content Offering on

Friday, February 8th 2013

FilmOn Offers More Content Than Aereo and Netflix Combined and Keeps on Streaming Network Television in Nine Major Cities


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Feb. 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ( Greek Billionaire Alki David, the heir to the World's largest independent Coca Cola bottling business, which the Hollywood Reporter has dubbed "one of Hollywood's biggest trouble makers", today made a series of stunning announcements that shook the already troubled Television industry.

Today FilmOn is offering all the Major Network Television Networks in seven major cities as well as having added five hundred premium channels to its lineup, making FilmOn the world's largest free premium Live TV platform in the world.

"We carry over of 200 Live TV Channels and 500 Video On Demand Channels from premium brands. We carry all the Major US Networks CBS FOX NBC and ABC in seven major cities and are fully operational with local television in another nine."

We host over 45, 000 video on demand titles that have been cleared for worldwide distribution. We refresh these shows every few seconds which include hit titles such as Entertainment Tonight, TMZ Live, The Best of UFC, The Soup and many more. These are all from providers like CNN, Disney, ESPN Fuel, CBS, Discovery, Fox and NBC."

Ironically some of these companies are the same companies with which Alki has been embroiled in fighting a series of daring lawsuits to defend his position in this complex media land grab.

Those who are familiar with the FilmOn story will be aware of the ongoing litigation between FilmOn, the four major Networks ABC CBS FOX and NBC.

"Despite what FilmOn's frenemies and vast media outlets will have you believe, FilmOn has won several major Federal Court decisions that allows FilmOn to continue streaming free to air Network Television across America"; said Alki David, Founder and CEO of FilmOn TV Networks.

"Congress has mandated free to air television for the benefit of the Consumer", said FilmOn's counsel Jaime Marquart, the renowned copyright litigator from the Los Angeles law-firm Baker Marquart. "America's Consumer expects these channels to be made available in any free TV offering and ultimately what is in the public's best interest is what prevails in Court".

In further retaliation to the Networks lawyers' aggressions against FilmOn, Mr. David has also championed the war against Peer 2 Peer technologies in which CBS owned Mr. David has sued for fostering piracy on a gigantic scale. Recently a Federal judge found that CBS is probably liable in David's accusations and dismissed CBS' criticism of Alki's lawsuit.

In even another lawsuit filed by FilmOn in reaction to Fox Television's attempt to malign Mr. David's reputation and FilmOn, David is aggressively seeking punitive damages from Fox and its lawyer Richard Stone of Jenner and Block for deceitfully attempting to discredit Mr. David and slandering him in the eyes of his peers and partners.

Despite Mr. Stone's assertions to the contrary FilmOn is allowed to continue offering its mini antenna service nationwide and although temporarily stopped in Los Angeles and San Francisco from offering the Major Channels, FilmOn continues to offer local TV services in New York, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Washington and Denver. Whilst continuing to offer other local stations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix. Nine other cities are coming online in the next two weeks.

And finally in another even more surprising lawsuit filed today in another Los Angeles Federal court, FilmOn sued Barry Diller's Aereo for copyright infringement over the FilmOn AIR and FilmOn Aero trademarks.

A copy of the suit is attached.

In January 2nd 2012 FilmOn released the FilmOn AIR and FilmOn Aero portable TV tuner prototypes to the market almost two months before Bamboom announced its name change to Aereo.

FilmOn even acquired an exclusive license to the renowned Win-TV Aero, a TV tuner device for capturing over the air ATSC Television signals. The Aero technology and trademark have existed for some years prior to 2012.

It's a shame I have to spend millions suing these people. It is the people's right to free to a service like FilmOn, said Alki and I will not stand to be slandered. Adding "You may know that Barry Diller sued me for calling the FilmOn Aero service "Barry Driller" and naming the company AereoKiller Inc. What is even more surprising is that and he won a temporary restraining order because the judge felt it was passing off Barry Diller's fame!

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