Architecture 2030 and GreenWizard Partner Again: Bringing Thought Leadership and Technology Leadership Together

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Thursday, February 21st 2013

GreenWizard Releases Cloud-based, Automated Analysis and Reporting Platform That Can Help Benchmark and Analyze With Regard to Architecture 2030 Goals


GreenWizard® – a cloud-based Product Management Workflow and project collaboration solution that simplifies building efficient, healthy, and sustainable buildings – today announced that it has entered into an additional, deeper partnership with Architecture 2030 to provide enabling technology for the 2030 Challenge.

GreenWizard’s new free Energy Reduction Calculator will help gauge progress of the 2030 Challenge targets for energy use in new construction and major renovations. The 2030 Challenge, which has been widely adopted since being issued by Architecture 2030 in 2006, asks the global architecture and building community to achieve energy reduction targets: 60% today, 70% in 2015, 80% in 2020, 90% in 2025, reaching carbon neutrality by 2030.

These targets may be accomplished by implementing innovative sustainable design strategies, generating on-site renewable power and/or purchasing (20% maximum) renewable energy. With a minimal amount of information, the Energy Reduction Calculator can determine the target energy use for a project and help to benchmark against the 2030 Challenge goals. The Calculator can also input data from an energy-modeling tool or import an eQuest PARMS file, if available.

“The goal of our partnership with Architecture 2030 is to achieve relevant carbon reduction through two key drivers: Architecture 2030’s well-regarded thought leadership and GreenWizard’s advanced technology solutions for the design and construction community, further leveraging our relationships with the nation’s top design and construction firms and our $13 billion in existing projects,” said GreenWizard’s founder and CEO Adam Bernholz. “With our free cloud platform, and the capability to automatically upload energy model output files, GreenWizard has simplified the process of analyzing and reporting building information relevant to the 2030 Challenge.”

About Architecture 2030

Architecture 2030, a non-profit, non-partisan and independent organization, was established in response to the climate change crisis by architect Edward Mazria in 2002. 2030’s mission is to rapidly transform the U.S. and global building sector from the major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions to a central part of the solution to the climate change, energy consumption, and economic crises. Our goal is straightforward: to achieve a dramatic reduction in the climate-change-causing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the building sector by changing the way buildings and developments are planned, designed and constructed. More info:

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