Conduit “Unlocks” Mobile Content for Sulia with QuickLaunch Lock Screen Solution

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Thursday, February 21st 2013

Innovative mobile solution for the real-time publisher provides instant access to Sulia content directly on Android phone lock screens


Conduit – the recognized leader in breakthrough engagement solutions for web and mobile publishers – today announced the release of Sulia’s QuickLaunch Lock Screen, now available through Google Play. The real-time media company’s first native mobile solution, QuickLaunch transforms the static mobile lock screen into a dynamic content channel, providing users with direct access to a selection of curated Sulia content.

QuickLaunch displays publishers’ dynamic content on the Android lock screen, capitalizing on this underutilized prime mobile real estate. Users can “fling” through Sulia's content to interact with images, video, news and updates directly from the phone's lock screen. Different channels are viewed by flinging up and down, while specific topics or items are viewed by flinging left to right.

Based on Conduit’s patent-pending “unlock via content” method, after downloading and installing Sulia’s QuickLaunch Lock Screen, users will be able to access:

  • Sulia Content Channels - Users can select four of Sulia's myriad content channels to view on their phone's lock screen, including:
    • Politics, Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Music, Television, Movies, Fashion, Gossip, Parenting, Home & Design, Gardening, Crafts, and others.
    • Channel content is presented in a timeline from Sulia’s live feed when a users’ Android phone “wakes-up," and continues to update while the phone is inactive. Users can select different channels at any time.
  • Social Media – With Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, users can consume, view and share content from their social networks directly from the front screen of their mobile phone. Users can access and engage social content, or search the web – all from the phone's lock screen.
  • Phone, Messages, and Apps - Quickly activate the following phone features through QuickLaunch: camera, text messages, dialer, the five most recently-used mobile apps, as well as the option to turn the phone to silent.

“Conduit’s QuickLaunch solution enables us to bypass app fatigue and pioneer this new way for users to access content,” said Jonathan Glick, CEO of Sulia. “The lock screen is the next frontier for mobile phones, and QuickLaunch allows users to directly access our content channels in real-time, right where they interact with their phone the most.”

“By adopting Conduit’s QuickLaunch Lock Screen, Sulia is putting its channels’ content in the first place where Android users interact with their phones multiple times every day, bringing mobile engagement to the next level,” said Yaron Moradi, VP, Head of QuickLaunch Business Unit at Conduit. “The 'fling' is the core innovation within QuickLaunch. It provides an opportunity for media publishers to garner millions of views per month as users ‘fling’ through content, and has the potential to bring in additional revenue.”

QuickLaunch also offers media publishers, which boast a large install base for their Android apps, a new marketing channel for content promotion and driving their mobile business models. Conduit is currently pursuing additional QuickLaunch media partners in the United States.

About Sulia:

Sulia is a subject-based social network that connects you to the top social sources on subjects you care about. Now Sulia can become an integral part of your lock screen, keeping you updated 24/7 about your favorite topics. Sulia investors include FirstMark Capital, IA Capital Partners, Village Ventures, Founder Collective, and SV Angel.

About Conduit:


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