HeyWatch Powers Video for SchoolTube.Com - the US's Largest K-12 Moderated Video Sharing Platform for Students and Educators

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Wednesday, March 13th 2013

HeyWatch, the world’s leading cloud-based video encoding service, announced it is teaming today with SchoolTube, the largest video platform for the K12 community, with hundreds of thousands of users each day and endorsed by leading National Education Associations.

SchoolTube supports the U.S. market of 5 million teachers and 55 million students (plus 1.4 billion students worldwide) – with more than 500,000 video files from around the world. The SchoolTube vision is to inspire both students and teachers through the use of a moderated and great online video network. The aim is to make the classroom experience even better and to help students learn new skills.

HeyWatch’s cloud video encoding API provides both the most powerful and flexible way for SchoolTube to instantly outsource its huge video transcoding needs. HeyWatch’s hybrid video encoding platform, based on both in-house and cloud transcoders, allows SchoolTube to convert thousands of long-form educational videos in both SD and HD video formats in a snap.

The transition to HeyWatch was extremely smooth and we saw positive results immediately. Thousands of users upload to our site every day and HeyWatch is a central piece of the world class experience we deliver to the SchoolTube community.” said Andrew Arizpe, CMO and Co-Founder of SchoolTube.

HeyWatch has been the leader in high-performance cloud-based video transcoding since 2006, encoding millions of videos yearly with an unrivaled 99.9% encoding success rate. Whether VOD, Broadcast, Mobile or Web, HeyWatch has been providing the fastest cloud video encoding to hundreds of international partners including Tumblr, Fotolia, Unruly Media, Kit Digital, Dotsub, Sermonspice, Sony and Flavorus for over six years.

About HeyWatch
HeyWatch (http://www.heywatchencoding.com/) has been a pathfinder in professional cloud-based video transcoding since 2006, providing an innovative online encoding solution to both startups and large companies. Its service enables users to transcode and deliver high-quality video to any internet-connected video device on earth.

About SchoolTube
Specifically designed for students and teachers and endorsed by the most influential education associations, SchoolTube has the best videos from students and teachers everywhere. SchoolTube's mission is to empower students and teachers through the use of video with a safe and fun community driven platform.


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