Telekomet Introduces New Innovative VoIP Reseller Solution
Thursday, March 21st 2013

Free incoming calls, domestic rates under a penny, termination to over 20 countries for the same price as a domestic call, and free calls between subscribers are all part of Telekomet’s Private Label Reseller VoIP 2.0 announced today.

Dallas, TX, March 21, 2013 --( Telekomet is home to one of the leading private label telecom reseller programs allowing business of all sizes to launch their own telecom brand. Telekomet resellers gain access to private label VoIP, and the nations leading DSL & Cable internet networks. Telekomet’s reseller VoIP 2.0 ushers in a new era for the company in which it’s primary product becomes VoIP with private label DSL and Cable internet playing a supporting role.

“As always, our primary focus is introducing solutions that our clients can use to substantially increase their bottom line. Many consumers already have broadband services at their home so offering attractive VoIP services, which are becoming more popular every year, simply makes sense. In those cases where the consumer isn't already broadband connected our resellers have the ability to offer high speed DSL or Cable in just about any area of the country.” - Chad Hawkins / CEO

Telekomet’s new VoIP offering is second to none offering domestic rates below one cent a minute and free calls between subscribers regardless of their location. Other highlights of Telekomet’s private label reseller VoIP 2.0 include:

- DID’s with Free incoming calls
- Over 20 countries including the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, and China included as domestic calls.
- $0.00 monthly fee per account.
- Real-time account provisioning and billing with the Komet back office
- Resellers have the option to customize their SIP realm and create custom dial codes that directly forward to their customer service department.

From within Telekomet’s Komet private label back office, resellers have the ability to set virtual caps on their custom VoIP plans making it possible to offer unlimited and pay as you go plans.

Telekomet’s private label VoIP offering is the backbone of it’s private label telecom program. No other private label enabler offers an equally robust reseller back office or XML API allowing resellers to offer both VoIP with high speed internet together and maximize their profit margin in such a way. With Telekomet a small business or new venture can actually compete with the major phone and cable companies.

The Telekomet private label telecom program is available with a very minimal investment. Setup cost for the program start at just under $300.00 USD which includes all of Telekomet’s private label services.

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