Government Clients Get Easy Access To Language Analytics For Big Data And Social Media - LinguaSys Multilingual Natural Language Processing Now Available Via Flex Analytics GSA Schedule

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Thursday, May 2nd 2013

BOCA RATON, Fla., May 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- LinguaSys, Inc., provider of multilingual text mining, natural language interface solutions and machine translation, today announced that Flex Analytics, a leading provider of multimedia analytics, will offer its products to government customers via the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule.

These new offerings will enable governments to communicate with foreign language speakers without human translators, for example, to text in Arabic on an urgent basis, instant message with visa departments, conduct multilingual joint exercises in South America, or enable international drug enforcement officials to have messages instantly translated in native languages.  U.S. Government customers could provide self-service capabilities where international users request services in native languages, the Government is able to read requests in English, and respond in native languages.  LinguaSys enables both parties to interact in their own language increasing understanding, improving satisfaction and providing better overall communications.

Combining Flex Analytics' state-of-the-art speech-to-text language speaker and gender identification technologies with LinguaSys' natural language processing, language translation and text analytics capabilities, users can make sense of data in foreign languages, ask the right questions, analyze answers and capture specific knowledge in multiple languages.

LinguaSys' proprietary Carabao Linguistic Virtual Machine™ employs interlingual natural language understanding to break down language text into concepts and meanings, allowing detailed and easily-customized text and sentiment analysis, real-time language translation and fast, highly cost-effective natural language interfaces (NLUI).  LinguaSys is built on human grammar rather than statistics, mimicking human understanding.  LinguaSys doesn't just deliver synonyms out of the dictionary.  It has a linguistic engine that allows us to 'understand' synonyms. LinguaSys brings grammatical awareness and human language understanding into its software, telling you the human story inherent in your data.

"LinguaSys has developed best-of-breed linguistic technologies to provide government agencies with behind-the-firewall solutions built to client specifications," said Greg Pepus. "By partnering with LinguaSys, we can bring even greater results to customers seeking to extract knowledge from vast multimedia data sources."

"Our blue-chip commercial clients report powerful results from our technologies and we are eager to support more government missions as well," said Brian Garr, CEO of LinguaSys. "Our partnership with Flex Analytics allows us to bring our unique and powerful Carabao Linguistic Virtual Machine™ to some of the most important big data challenges in the Federal space."

About LinguaSys, Inc.

LinguaSys solves human language challenges in Big Data and social media for blue-chip clients around the world. Its natural language processing software provides real-time multilingual text mining, Machine Translation and fast, cost-effective natural language interfaces (NLUI). The solutions are powered by LinguaSys' Carabao Linguistic Virtual Machine™, a proprietary interlingual technology, to deliver faster and more accurate results. Designed to be easily customized by clients, the solutions can be used via SaaS or behind the firewall. Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, LinguaSys is an IBM Business Partner.  @LinguaSys33431

About Flex Analytics LLC

Flex Analytics was formed in Jan 2007 to deliver analytical technologies that help government and industry produce value-added information and actionable intelligence. Through our various industry and government partnerships, we reach thousands of users helping them read less, look at fewer images and less video and do much, much more. The technology products and solutions that Flex Analytics provides to its customers help them Find, Analyze and Act.

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