Jvion Shatters Industry Records with 50 New Hospital Clients

Thursday, May 23rd 2013

In just under 10 months, Jvion has broken industry growth records by signing on 50 new hospital clients. And the company—which specializes in ICD-10 risk mitigation and conversion software—is positioned to maintain this trajectory through the end of the calendar year.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 23, 2013

Atlanta-based Jvion—a leader in ICD-10 risk and conversion software—has managed to outperform not only their internal goals, but industry records as well by signing on 50 new hospital clients in less than 10 months. This rapid expansion is reflective of Jvion’s strong position within the new healthcare IT market, which is projected to outpace other segments at an annual growth rate of approximately seven percent. Well-situated companies like Jvion are anticipated to lead a large portion of the job creation and innovation within the U.S. as providers adapt to new mandates and evolving expectations in care delivery.

Jvion serves a specific niche within the healthcare technology space through solutions designed to address challenges caused by the ICD-10 code conversion. The firm is relatively unique in that they focus on software solutions rather than services. To that end, they developed their icdcomplete solution suite, which sits on top of Jvion’s Bonobo Big Data Platform, to predict ICD-10’s financial and operational risks, provide dual coding environments, deliver testing tools, and provide trending analysis to support the entire, end-to-end process.

“The ICD-10 market is explosive right now,” explained Ritesh Sharma, Jvion’s COO. “As providers look to the October 2014 mandated conversion date, they are trying to find solutions that help speed the process while reducing risk. Having a mature software suite that leverages emerging technologies like big data and heuristics has enabled us to meet these needs while quickly scaling to address demand.”

Going forward, the firm plans to leverage the technology and capabilities refined through their experience with ICD-10 to develop broader solutions that address all forms of fiscal waste and loss. “ICD-10 was never our end-game. It was always a step in our strategy toward addressing all types of financial loss within the provider environment,” said Ritesh. The company will continue to focus on ICD-10 through next October and for the years following as providers go through a period of stabilization. Concurrently they are investing heavily in continued research and development to drive the intelligence and innovation that they believe will help the provider community for many years to come.

To learn more about Jvion and the firm’s ICD-10 code conversion solutions, please visit jvion.com.

About Jvion

Jvion is a healthcare technology company addressing the financial and operational impacts resulting from mandated reforms and compliance activities. We offer a suite of Big Data-enabled software solutions to reduce the financial impact and burden of the ICD-10 conversion, and help providers protect their revenues from increased financial waste associated with mandated changes and increased payor scrutiny. Please visit Jvion’s website at jvion.com for more information.

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