New 24/7 Automated Pet Food Store with Computerized Cashless Technology

Sunday, July 14th 2013

Using computerized cashless technology, RB Express has designed and engineered an automated independent neighborhood retail delivery system that will provide pet food products 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The goal and mission is to address the increasing cost of quality all-natural pet food while reducing the heavy regulatory burden, personnel and operating expenses of the usual independent retail pet food store location.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 14, 2013

RB Express has designed and engineered an automated, non-employee neighborhood retail delivery system to merchandise natural pet food products 24 hours a day, saven days a week. It benefits the pet owner by reducing the cost of all-natural pet foods; while benefiting the pet store owner in reducing the heavy regulatory burden of personnel and operating expenses.

The automated system allows pet owners to shop at convenient times during low business traffic periods. Benefits include attractive pricing, 100% product guarantee, customer support systems, security, and no hassle product selection. The store premise is completely enclosed with HVAC. Décor includes product bag display, extensive product information, free treats and samples. A portion of sales is donated to Animal Shelters.

Automated systems and computers are changing the way future business benefits the consumer. There are a large variety of single-unit vending units offering an extremely wide range of health, beauty aids, electronics and consumer goods. RB Express operates similar to self-service gas pumps, automatic teller machines, consumer vending and point of purchase kiosk systems. The RB Express location will be the first offering a comprehensive selection of pet food formulas and brands in a non-employee POS cashless environment.

The store owner benefits with a reduction in overhead costs and expenses which allows normal profit while lowering retail product pricing. Expenses include: (1) the hiring, training and turnover of employee with other requisite personnel costs, (2) spreading the monthly overhead over additional productive hours, (3) pilferage, theft and inventory shrinkage, (4) computerized accounting and inventory real-time controls for regulatory reporting, and (5) better utilization of location space.

The heart of each system is state of the art programs and technology processing the customer’s encrypted credit card in a matter of seconds, while providing real-time accounting and inventory control. Touch-screen computer technology allows the customer to select product, verify the purchase, post credit card, and immediately receive product delivery with printed receipt.

RB Express is designed as expandable modular units for any new store layout configuration. Existing stores can add the RB Express system to increase after hour’s business. Within 120 square feet floor space about 500 product SKUs are available: from 4 ounce to and including 30 pounds and all sizes in-between. Additional modular units can be easily added and tied-in with growth requirements. System is fully programmable for regulatory accounting, inventory control, price changes and new products. The convenience of automated systems will limit the total variety of canned and dry pet food, treats, toys and specific brands stocked; however, as repeat customer demand is determined, new sizes and brands can be easily included.    Phone and email special orders can be called in and available for pickup at the pet owner’s convenience.

RB Express is currently a joint venture with 14 metro Atlanta Red Bandanna Pet Food neighborhood stores. ( Negotiations are now underway to build out the first full prototype location in Atlanta and it is expected to open during September/October 2013. It is projected that a turnkey store, including inventory will be in the $50-$60,000 range. Historical customer traffic has yet to be determined; however, it is estimated with minimum daily sales payback would be less than 3 years. The requirement of a part timer 7 to 10 hours a week for replenishment and premises clean-up is ideal for a retired person. RB Express requires no knowledge of pet food; only the ability put the right product in the right vending space. Vendors, suppliers and technical support will be available for a national franchising and investor program. It can be an ideal merchandising system for small footprint, high-traffic and costly square foot rent in metro areas. Additional information and to monitor store development: Red Bandanna Systems, Inc., (Philip), email: flint73(at)att(dot)net

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