Storrage Inc. Launches Seattle Service

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Tuesday, November 19th 2013

New Personal Storage Service Allows Convenient Pickup and Delivery Using Smartphone App


Storrage, a new Seattle-based storage service, is pleased to announce the start of service in select Seattle and Eastside neighborhoods, providing customers with a new option for storing items using a smartphone app to quickly request next-day pick-up or delivery of their possessions, including seasonal items like golf clubs, ski gear and bikes.

Founded by former executives of, Storrage fills a need for secure, off-site storage with convenient home delivery and pickup made possible with advances in mobile app technology and cloud services.

“Our research has shown that most urban homeowners and apartment-dwellers would love the ability to find a place to store occasionally used items, but the current model of driving to a storage locker, or filling a pallet of stuff, simply isn’t a convenient, workable solution for about 90 percent of the market,” said Terry Drayton, founder and CEO of Storrage. “What Storrage provides is an extraordinarily convenient, affordable way to store clothing, household items or virtually anything else, retrievable with a few key taps on a smartphone.”

The Storrage approach allows customers to use the Storrage app – available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices – to request next-day home delivery of commercial-grade containers about the size of a carry-on suitcase. After packing and tagging the contents using the app, a friendly Storrage driver picks up the containers and stores them in a secure, climate-controlled facility. Customers retrieve the items the same way.

The service is designed for items that people need to keep but seldom use, including clothes, documents and keepsakes as well as seasonal items such as holiday decorations. Storrage can also safely store sporting goods including bikes, skis, snow boards and golf clubs.

“Self-storage is a very successful $22 billion industry, but with an average cost of $175 a month, it does little to help someone who simply wants to store a second closet of seasonal clothing, ski gear or a few boxes of holiday lights,” Drayton added. “Storrage is priced so that all customers have the flexibility to store as little or as much as they need an all-in cost of around $25 a month for most customers.”

All aspects of the Storrage service are managed by customers through the mobile app. The app allows customers to name each container, request typically next-day pickup and delivery of their items, and even add optional photos using their phone’s camera, so they can remember exactly what they stored and request delivery of only the items they need. All customer data is stored in the cloud.

“Our mobile app provides a vastly superior customer experience compared to traditional storage options,” added Drayton. “For example, instead of having to drive out to a self-storage site and dig through boxes in a dusty storage unit to find a pair of snow boots, Storrage customers browse through their items in the app, quickly locate the appropriate container, with a picture of the boots, and have it delivered to their door the next day.”

Storrage was designed with the following customers in mind:


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