LIFT Conducts Most Comprehensive Diet Research Project To Date

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Monday, December 16th 2013

"The Quantified Diet Project" To Determine the Best Diet for Americans

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the self-improvement app LIFT, advised by researchers at U.C. Berkeley, announces the largest-scale diet research program to date. Using LIFT's cutting-edge technology, researchers are designing a study to bring more than a million people through The Quantified Diet Projectthe largest scale randomized trial around diets ever attempted.

The Project begins on January 1st, 2014 and will track hopefully one million participants during four weeks of following one of ten diets (Paleo, Slow-Carb, Vegetarian, Whole foods, Gluten-free, no sweets, DASH, calorie counting, sleep more, mindful eating). 

The innovative nature of Lift's technology has made investigating diet on a scale like this possible. Research around diets is notoriously contradictory and cost usually limits trials to smaller-scale experiments.  

It's also a topic at the heart of many Americans, most of whom know someone who struggles with obesity or a diet-related disease like diabetes. The ultimate goal of the project is to find insights to help Americans be happier and healthier. The power of collective data has the ability to change the world.  

One interesting aspect to note is that participants will undergo experimental randomization when they sign up - this is a scientific term meaning that participants will be given a diet to follow, instead of participants choosing the diet. This ensures scientific validity of the results. Participants' progress will be tracked using the LIFT app, which will send daily prompts and tracking materials.

The end result will be an unprecedented amount of data on diets, leading to insights about what works and what doesn't. And of course, the other major goal of the project: millions of healthier Americans.

Tony Stubblebine, the Founder of LIFT, is thrilled about the prospect of the project. 

"This sort of crowd sourced research has the potential to rewrite the entire diet industry," Stubblebine says. "For the first time ever, we'll know which diets work, how well, and for whom. Every participant will have a chance to improve both their health and the science of healthy diet change."

Lift has joined forces with several partners in the Quantified Diet Project. Many like-minded health & wellness individuals and organizations are excited to participate, lead and help millions towards a healthier lifestyle. Partners include: 

Zen Habits
The Center for Mindful Eating
Deborah Enos "The One-Minute Wellness Coach"
No Meat Athlete
Dreena Burton (Plant Powered Kitchen)
Paleo Hacks
Nerd Fitness
Laura Cipullo (Whole Nutrition)
SWAN Sleep Solutions
Hint Water
Zico Coconut Juice
Danielle Walker (Against the Grain)

To participate in the Quantified Diet Project, please visit:


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