Executive Viewpoint 2014 Prediction: Attunity

Brad Helicher (Profile)
Thursday, January 9th 2014

Attunity’s Crystal Ball for 2014 gained clarity following our participation in Amazon’s re:Invent and by way of a Survey gauging trends in Cloud computing.

Among the trends, Attunity observers a continued surge in Cloud adoption, growing preferences for certain providers, and a consistent pattern of use cases.

Organizations & Plans for a Cloud Strategy in 2014:

Of nearly 400 organizations polled, upwards of 80% have either adopted or plan to incorporate Cloud environments into their 2014 IT Strategy. Perhaps a more telling statistic, of those organizations favoring Cloud, nearly 25% will be making the move in the coming year. One could say this rapid adoption represents a velocity far greater than other known trends within the IT industry.

Preferred Cloud Providers:

The organizations adopting Cloud can be segmented into two well-defined groups: public cloud (80%) and privately hosted / internal cloud (55%). These percentages expose an overlap whereby organizations often leverage public cloud and also deploy privately hosted cloud environments.

Among the Public Cloud providers, organizations clearly favor two vendors: Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure.   Given the leaders’ market share, one may easily deduce that cloud customers value some combination of a well-funded provider, security-minded, near-bullet-proof Quality of Service, developer-friendly, cost-effective, broad offering of services, etc.