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Tuesday, January 28th 2014

Advanced Licensing Enables Monetization of APIs with Entitlements and Dynamic Documentation


SOA Software, an API Management and SOA Governance leader, announced today new advanced API licensing and dynamic documentation capabilities to help businesses further monetize their data, applications, and services. As part of SOA Software’s API Management Solution, the advanced licensing capabilities enables businesses to support different revenue models for their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). API owners can create multiple custom API products and license terms based on fine-grained entitlements and business needs.

“APIs are now at a center piece for businesses to exploit new digital and mobile channels to provide opportunities to create new revenue streams,” said Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Software. “Our new advanced licensing capabilities maximize the potential of packaging APIs based on different business models. Our goal is to equip business stake holders to take the APIs provided to them by their API team and exploit all possible licensing and business scenarios to maximize monetization opportunities.”

APIs form a channel for new revenue streams from partners and customers. What’s historically been lacking, or difficult, has been for non-technical business users to turn an API into a set of products that can be targeted at varied set of partners and customers. The new advances licensing capabilities allow business users to create packages based on specific business goals, channels, and strategies.

SOA Software’s advanced API licensing capabilities empower business users with little technical expertise to manage the entire process to creating API bundles based on different level of entitlements. With these new capabilities, it is possible control the visibility to APIs at a granular level, provision access to data different partners and manage rate limiting policies at the license level. SOA Software now gives the API owner a turn-key licensing and documentation solution that is completely integrated with the SOA Software API Management solution:

  • Package APIs as products, extending back-end systems into new realms of use.
  • Create different packages for different business needs and channels, with control over pricing, rate limits and service level agreements.
  • Allow customers to use licenses to offer one part of their data to one partner, and other parts to other partners.
  • Control visibility and access at API and/or scope level.
  • Dynamically generate API documentation based on the license. Show or hide documents or document elements depending on license grants.
  • Manage rate limiting and QoS policies based on the license.

An updated Dynamic Documentation feature is being introduced in parallel with the new licensing capabilities. With each specific license, one can automatically create dynamic documentation so that business partners see only aspects of the APIs that are licensed to them. This is a time saver that reduces the friction to adoption by controlling the visibility of documents and document elements based on licenses. Dynamic documents can be authored in Swagger, with a tag library for visibility controls.

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