HeyWire Business Text Messaging Survey Shows 67 Percent of Professionals are Texting for Business

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Wednesday, January 29th 2014

Business Text Messaging is Driving Business - Over 50% of Professionals Use Text to Communicate with Clients, Prospects and Partners


HeyWire Business, the proven cloud-based business messaging platform transforming business communication, today announced the results of a survey of business professionals that highlights trends in the way they communicate internally with colleagues and externally with clients, prospects and partners. The results are also available as an infographic and a research report.

More than 500 business professionals were surveyed this fall, revealing that:

  • Business text messaging is happening – 67 percent are using text messaging for business-related communications.
  • Business text messaging has become mainstream in business – 73 percent text with internal co-workers while 51 percent use text to communicate with external contacts, including customers, prospects and partners.
  • There is a growing tension between personal and professional texting– 62 percent of professionals would like to separate business text messages from personal text messages.
  • Voicemail is dead – 31 percent of respondents rarely use voicemail or are using it less than one year ago, with 37 percent rarely or never check their voicemail anymore.

The research illustrates the rapid adoption of text messaging in the workplace and highlights how today’s business professionals have moved beyond the days of voicemail or email and are comfortable with the fast, direct connection that text messaging offers.

In fact, according to the Mobile Marketing Association, 97 percent of text messages are read within the first three minutes of delivery, making it a much more efficient way to work. In contrast to texting, email is often going unanswered. Almost three-quarters of respondents said they used text messaging to communicate with co-workers – and the success of that communication has led to an increased acceptance of texting and regular use with customers, partners and prospects.

The research found that 62 percent of business professionals already wanted to separate their business-related and personal text messages. As business-related text messaging increases in today’s BYOD-enabled workplace, one can expect that this number will grow, meaning that both employees and company IT departments will need to find ways to better manage this form of communication.

By separating personal and business texting identities, professionals no longer need to share their personal mobile information with prospects and clients – and can better manage professional and personal responses.


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