Phillip Seymour Hoffman May Have Won His Battle with Treatment Home Healthcare © (Addiction Treatment)

Friday, February 7th 2014

“Alcohol abuse, prescription drug abuse and illicit drug use do not discriminate. CEOs, physicians, celebrities and other 6 and 7 figure a year professionals can all succumb to the enormous suffering caused by addiction and the quagmire of pain-management,” says Dr. Bob, Clinical Director.

Bel Air, California (PRWEB) February 07, 2014

The Scott Treatment Des Cierges ©, discreetly known in well-mannered circles throughout the US, Europe, Middle East and more for its boutique 5 Star multimodality Medical Detox Des Cierges © & Treatment Des Cierges © milieu has perfected a hybrid of high-end exemplary treatment tracks for addiction and pain-management clientele to include Treatment Home Healthcare ©. It is the carte blanche puzzle to inpatient-outpatient © treatment and is the most effective plan to date to rival any treatment center(s).

The model was adopted and has been practiced by U.S. Medical Boards with a 70% to 90% success rate for the 10% of doctors that are battling their own addictions in order to regain licensure. In other words, it is an evidence-based scientific researched model that works.

Critically acclaimed actor, father, friend and so much more, Phillip Seymour Hoffman would have been an ideal candidate for Treatment Home Healthcare ©. In the throes of ones addiction there is hope even when individuals are actively abusing substances.

The Scott treatment team specializes in chronic alcoholism, multifaceted prescription drug abuse, level 0-10 and over pain-management, illicit drug use, depression, anxiety, grief, gut problems and innumerable other issues.

For example, DUI attorneys present to the court The Scott Treatment Home Healthcare © plan tethered with house arrest as a short or long-term strict curriculum that is inpatient-outpatient © in lieu of jail. Clients and families have chosen Medical Detox Des Cierges © tightly braided with Treatment Home Healthcare © for long-term pain-management wellness and more.

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"Physicians are held to the highest accountability in their private practices and hospitals. “Their colleagues are required to report them if suspected of drug and alcohol abuse,” explains The Scott Treatment Des Cierges © CEO Kat Conway.

Pain-management clients are prescribed more medications to the point of expecting an overdose vs. enduring the gripping fear of pain and withdrawal without proper medical supervision or knowing there is a handpicked collaborative treatment team available that can help them in their home because they cannot leave,” Conway continues.

“Unexpected 30 day absences are the worst kept secrets stating the obvious that they are in treatment, so many suffer in silence for fear of being found out only to lose their hard-earned careers or tarnish their polished reputations or worse yet, tragically die,” reveals Conway

"The finest medical and clinical PhDs and other credentialed experts do not reside in one state or in one treatment center. This is why they are handpicked," illustrates Conway.

One does not have to leave their home or office to get the healthcare they desire. An individual can now choose a safe harbor whether it is at a chateau, client locale or on location.

The Scott multidisciplinary treatment team frequently provides services for Betty Ford, Harvard, Hazelden, Passages, Promises and many more.

The Scott is the ultimate source for adaptive treatment approaches. “I have met ivy league clients that are at deaths door, barely unable to speak or function and we have helped them turn their lives around. We understand and do not judge because half of my team jumped on the E-ticket ride through Hades before them, including me and/or our researchers and clinicians have worked tirelessly to invent therapies that have worked for thousands of people,” says CEO Kat Conway.