Avira Offers Free PC Cleaner to Global Market

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Tuesday, February 18th 2014

Scans, Detects and Cleans any PC of Spyware and Viruses That Your Existing AV Software Missed


Security expert Avira announced today that it has launched its free PC Cleaner product to all English speaking markets worldwide. Originally launched in Germany at the request of the German Federal Bureau for Information Security (BSI) to clean up a critical botnet, Avira PC Cleaner is now available globally to scan and remove these botnet backdoors as well as other viruses, Trojans, spyware and malware that one’s existing antivirus software might have missed.

“Use Avira PC Cleaner when you think your computer has a virus or infection that your regular AV software didn’t detect,” said Sorin Mustaca, security expert at Avira. “It will clean and repair any infections that it finds on your computer, and it won’t slow down your machine by even a fraction.”

Avira PC Cleaner is a malware scanner which can be used in parallel with existing antivirus products. It protects all PCs, Laptops, and Netbooks with Windows XP(SP3) and later operating systems. Avira PC Cleaner runs from a temporary directory on your computer (to out-smart malware that tries to evade antivirus software) and doesn’t install itself on your machine or impact the system environment. It simply scans, detects and cleans, regardless of which antivirus software you have already installed on your computer.

“We recommend users should regularly perform a scan with the free Avira PC Cleaner, no matter which security software they have, so that we can be their second line of defense,” added Mustaca.


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