Corsa Technology introduces first native OpenFlow™ Data Planes

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Monday, February 24th 2014

Fully programmable OpenFlow forwarding planes benefit from advanced flexible architecture

OTTAWA, Feb. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Software Defined Networking start-up Corsa Technology, the leader in pure OpenFlow hardware data planes, announced today two products. The DP6420, 48 x 10G + 4 x 40G and the DP6440, 4 x 100G + 24 x 10G, are native OpenFlow 1.3+ forwarding planes. Fully programmable with multiple flow tables capable of processing millions of flows, these two products promise to deliver the features, agility and performance required for a true OpenFlow software defined network.

Flow based forwarding that scales to support the immense number of flows crossing large data centers and carrier networks is necessary to provide the functionality true to the promise of OpenFlow. Up until now, this has not been possible due to the limitations of networking gear that maps flows into small, single table implementations dictated by the underlying legacy hardware.

Corsa's new OpenFlow data planes support millions of flows and multiple flow tables to scale for any network application. Corsa's innovative implementation and flexible hardware architecture allow for extremely quick flow table set-up rates and tens of thousands of flow modifications per second. At the heart of these products is Corsa's unique reconfigurable datapath which is the first hardware platform to fully support the latest Openflow 1.3 standard. The Corsa data plane allows customers to keep pace with evolving OpenFlow standards and emerging use cases without the need for constant hardware replacements. It also permits Corsa to rapidly and inexpensively adapt the same hardware platform into various port arrangements and throughputs as customers' needs require. The result is a data plane that offers full line-rate forwarding performance for any scale of OpenFlow deployment.

"Corsa's platform of OpenFlow data planes is triggering a new round of highly successful SDN/OpenFlow deployments," said Bruce Gregory, Corsa CEO. "We have a unique and innovative approach to tackling the SDN hardware problem. Even straightforward use cases require multiple large flow tables with fast flow modification capability, and the hardware available today is truly inadequate. Because our product is fully scalable and programmable, we are enabling deployments across multiple business applications which is the real promise of OpenFlow SDN."

Corsa will be showing the DP6420 and DP6440 OpenFlow data planes at Open Networking Summit (ONS) 2014, March 3-5 (Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA). Visit Booth S8.

About Corsa Technology

Corsa Technology is a networking hardware company focused on delivering a programmable datapath for Software Defined Networking (SDN). Corsa's dedicated native OpenFlow data planes offer programmability, scalability, and agility for OpenFlow Software Defined Networks. For more information, please visit

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