Publicis Touchpoint Solutions Implements Cegedim’s Territory Alignment and Multichannel Marketing Solution, Organization Manager™

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Monday, February 24th 2014

Leading Provider of Healthcare Teams Now Better Prepared for Changing Industry Requirements through Operational Flexibility Enabled by Cegedim Integrated Solution


Cegedim Relationship Management, a technology, information and services company delivering innovation to help transform commercial, compliance and medical operations in U.S. healthcare, today announced that Publicis Touchpoint Solutions will implement Organization Manager™, Cegedim’s territory alignment and multichannel marketing enablement technology, which will intensify their operating flexibility to better serve their Life Sciences clients. Organization Manager will also serve as the integration hub and engine that connects several of the company’s systems, enabling the enhanced management of more than 2,500 U.S. sales, service, and clinical representatives. Publicis Touchpoint Solutions, is a leading provider of customized, cross-channel, healthcare sales, service, and clinical teams.

Suppliers Challenged with Meeting New and Increasing Customer Demands

Resulting from ongoing changes in the Life Sciences industry, companies such as Publicis Touchpoint Solutions, must remain extremely agile in order to meet their customers’ requirements. Life Sciences companies are making more frequent, increasingly strategic and rapidly changing demands of their suppliers. This is due to the trend toward better optimized brand projects, and the continued prevalence of mergers and acquisitions horizontally across global Life Sciences. These new and increasing customer needs are challenging companies like Touchpoint to more effectively and proactively recruit and align sales representatives, recalibrate teams in the field, and preemptively and predictively address changes in customer demand, multi-stakeholder allocation, and multichannel execution. Cegedim’s Organization Manager is the only solution on the market that gives companies like Touchpoint this level of integrated flexibility, as well as the stakeholder and channel multiplicity needed to meet these next generation customer requirements.

Publicis Touchpoint Solutions’ entire U.S. organization will now be a part of a flexible and dynamic model of representatives that can pivot across territories, districts, products, channels, stakeholders and practices. Organization Manager acts as the:

  • Hub integrating Touchpoint’s recruiting tool, contract management tool, and other internal systems across all stakeholders and channels.
  • Rules engine consuming changing demand, and incorporating data from multiple departments and systems, maintaining parity, transparency and compliance.
  • Publisher of real time adjustments to several downstream systems.

“The flexibility afforded by Organization Manager gives us a competitive advantage. We are now equipped to deal not only with current demands, but also with an unpredictable future,” commented Mark Stevens, Senior Vice President, Technology and Commercial Solutions. “We have future-proofed operational excellence beyond field management and field planning - into operations and HR/recruiting - to manage a representative’s entire journey, and to better right-fit representatives with clients, brands and doctors.”

In addition to companies like Touchpoint, Life Sciences companies also leverage Cegedim’s Organization Manager. It has been chosen by many of the industry’s top organizations for local, regional and global implementations. More than 300,000 sales representatives in 164 markets in 88 different countries are benefiting from the solution.


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