• Automation and an Acquisition

    VSM speaks with Erik Frieberg, Vice President of Marketing for HP Software, about process automation and their upcoming acquisition of Stratavia.
    October 7th 2010
  • Transforming the Data Center

    VSM speaks with Claus Mikkelson, Chief Scientist at Hitachi Data Systems, about new HDS product announcements.
    September 27th 2010
  • Cloud Automation for the Enterprise

    VSM speaks with Brian Wilson, Director of Virtualization and Cloud Services at Quest, about the Quest Cloud Automation Platform.
    September 22nd 2010
  • A Desktop Virtualization Collaboration

    VSM speaks with Doug Dooley of RingCube Technologies and Charlton Barreto of Intel, about their collaboration on desktop virtualization.
    September 13th 2010
  • Deep Cloud Security

    VSM speaks with Todd Thiemann, Senior Director, Datacenter Security at Trend Micro, about cloud security with Deep Security 7.5 and SecureCloud.
    September 3rd 2010
  • A New Software Platform and an Acquisition

    VSM speaks with Amrit Williams, CTO of BigFix, about their acquisition by IBM and the Unified Management Software Platform.
    August 27th 2010
  • A New Window in the Cloud

    VSM speaks with Jim Battenberg, Cloud Evangelist, and Bryan McGrath, Director of Finance at Rackspace, about Cloud Computing and Rackspace’s Cloud Servers for Windows.
    August 26th 2010
  • Visualize the Entire Storage Environment

    VSM speaks with Brad Adamske, Sr. Product Manager at Quest Software, about virtualization and vFoglight Storage.
    August 25th 2010
  • Data Protection Strategy

    VSM speaks with Fadi Albatal, VP of Marketing at FalconStor, about data protection strategies and solutions.
    August 24th 2010
  • Commanding Your Virtual Environment

    VSM speaks with David Lynch, VP of Marketing at Embotics, about virtualization management and a new version of V-Commander.
    August 24th 2010
  • More Productive On the Go

    VSM speaks with Dave Dahlberg, Chief Marketing Officer at Model Metrics, about cloud computing and the 2GO Cloud Platform.
    August 23rd 2010
  • Virtualized Infrastructure Management

    VSM speaks with David Messina, VP of Marketing at Xangati, about their Management Dashboard and Xangati for ESX.
    August 23rd 2010
  • Working Together in the Cloud

    VSM speaks with Luc Roy, VP of Product Management and Marketing at BlueCat Networks, and John Kane, VP of Corporate Services at Afilias, about their work together in the cloud.
    August 4th 2010