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Aaron Sweemer

Aaron Sweemer is a 15 year IT industry veteran.  His career began in the data center as an intern at ARINC, while completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland.  He soon found himself with an invitation to join the prestigious BBN Internetworking.  And it was in this role where he the fortunate opportunity to help design massive, large scale networks that supported millions of users and spanned multiple continents.

In 2003, living in Los Angeles and with a recently acquired MBA in Technology Management, Aaron started an independent consulting practice.  And it was through the power of virtualization that allowed him to successfully differentiate himself from other IT consulting companies.  Aaron was able to win clients and grow his business by delivering very real, solid, highly valuable solutions (like data center migrations and disaster recovery) while meeting tight budgets and timelines.

Today, Aaron lives with his wife, son and four dogs in Cincinnati where he works full time with VMware as a Senior Systems Engineer.