Chris Greendale - Profile


Chris Greendale - Chairman & CEO of Cloud Technology Partners

After a successful high tech sales and marketing career culminating in VP Marketing, Oracle USA in 1990, Chris became one of the three founders of Cambridge Technology Partners (CTP) in 1991. As a systems integrator, CTP designed and developed custom client server software applications for enterprises. CTP also pioneered a fixed-time, fixed-fee development methodology. Chris ran Sales and Marketing as CTP grew explosively from start-up to over $850m in revenue in 1997. The company had one of the most successful IPO’s of the 90’s and had a market cap of over $5b. In late 1997 Chris left CTP and founded Breakaway Solutions, a similar integrator focused on the next technology wave, internet driven enterprise solutions. Breakaway also had a successful IPO and had a market cap of over $7b. Chris also made numerous personal investments in companies such as Siebel Systems and sat on a number of high-profile boards including Clarify and Glasshouse.  In 2002 Chris joined the dark side as a venture capitalist with Kodiak Venture Partners. In 2007, he made many investments including Astadia, a cloud integrator. Chris recently realized the folly of his ways and rejoined the light founding Cloud Technology Partners. Chris grew up in New Zealand, came to the US on an NCAA tennis scholarship, degreed in Math and Business, played professional tennis, and married Ellen in 1981.